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Birds in Bandhavgarh National Park

There is an abundant variety of indian wildlife, including birds in Bandhavgarh National Park. There are 250 bird species belonging to 53 families, out which 138 are resident, 26 are local migrants and 86 are migrant birds in Bandhavgarh National Park. Bamera, Garhpuri, Majhauli and Khitauli reservoirs in and around Bandhavgarh National Park are the ideal areas for migratory birds during winter.

In the tourism zone, Jamuniya, Chakrdhara, Sheshsaiya, Bhitari, Bathan, Rajbahera, and Sehra are some of the important places for bird watchers and observers of Indian wildlife in Bandhavgarh. Birds are an essential part of the Indian wildlife in the park. They play a useful role as pollinators of flowers, dispersers of seeds and control the numbers of various insects and small animal pests.

The raptors are mainly represented by crested serpent eagle, shaheen falcon, bonnelli's eagle, shikra, marsh and hen harriers. In the Bandhavgarh Fort and in its vicinity there is a good population of malabar pied hornbill.