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Flora in Bandipur National Park

The flora in the Bandipur National Park consists of dry deciduous, evergreen forests, the scrub jungles and open grassy woodlands. The eastern part of the Bandipur National Park is comprised of scrub jungles. One may find there underdeveloped trees, bushes and lush patches.

Moving towards the northwestern periphery of the park, one can notice a measured change in the flora from open dry deciduous forests to tropical mixed deciduous forests. With the arrival of monsoons, the whole locale becomes vivacious and lush green.

The two most valuable timber trees of India the Rosewood and Teak, breed plentifully in the Bandipur National Park. Other commonly found trees are

Sandalwood, Jacaranda, Mango, Jamun, Tamarind, Banyan, Pipal, Plumeria, Gulmohar, Honne, Mathi, Bamboo among many more

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