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Bon Habi Resort

Location: kaziranga National Park

Situated in: Assam

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An old world charm engulfs all of Kaziranga. May it be the rhythmical chant of the tribal people staying nearby the tourist's lodges, or the call of the wild with its fear of the unknown. As you enter the precincts of the area, you will be greeted with lush green forests and the smell of the mahua flowers intoxicates you as if there's no return. Bon Habi resort situated at close proximity from the Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary offers you an ideal stay in the midst of an idyllic evergreen forest.


This bungalow type well furnished resort provides visitors a truly rewarding stay. The spacious rooms with carpeted walls and plush velvet sofas are better off than many of the other resorts situated in the same area. Fourteen well adorned rooms with all the associated modern facilities make a pleasant stay. When you step in the balcony you will be dumbstruck for a while. The beauty of the surrounding area rouses your aesthetic senses. You literally have to draw the curtain wide open to witness the unforgettable spectacle. With well laid out pathways and gardens, this is an ideal place to relax. Service is quite praiseworthy too. Nothing disturbs your sense of serenity here except the occasional twittering of birds and the screeching of a car tyre.

The courtyard of the Bon Habi comes to good use in winter when an occasional campfire rejuvenated the whole group of tourists. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the garden and take into account the many floras of the region. Be prepared to encounter a short spurt of shower as raining and tropical forest almost goes hand in hand. The brick finish of the bungalow gives it an erstwhile look somewhat in the same vein as that of English country farmhouses.

Cuisine is a wholesome affair in Bon Habi resort. You could perchance order the cook in waiting to prepare a dish for you in the typical Assamese style. The main dining hall is adorned with ethnic masks and plush furniture.

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