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Chitvan Lodge

Location: Kanha National Park

Situated in: Madhya Pradesh

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Revel in this glorious retreat called the Chitvan Resort. Spread in about 6 hectares of land, Chitvan Resort is all about an "Alternative Lifestyle", a lifestyle healthy for mind, body and soul. This resort in Kanha teaches you to live a harmonious life, and also gets you to contribute for the well being of our environment.

Accommodation at Chitvan Lodge:

The accommodation area is divided into five areas, each named after an element - Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, and Ether. Accommodation at Chitvan Lodge is provided in individual cottages, designed with open facades so that guests can have an uninterrupted view of the surrounding forests, even while in bed. The furniture in Chitvan is made from natural raw materials found on site.

Dining at Chitvan Resort:

Chitvan firmly believes that we are what we eat, and so, great care is taken to provide well-balanced meals to guests. The fare offered at Chitvan Resort, Kanha is made from fresh and homegrown ingredients picked from its organic farms. Guests can also cook on their own in the resort's open kitchen.

Food is traditionally classified according to its effect on the body and mind: Sattva (the quality of love, light and life), Raja (the quality of activity and passion, lacking stability) and Tamas (the quality of darkness and inertia that drags us into ignorance and attachment).

Recreation at Chitvan Lodge, Kanha:

At this one of a kind hotel in Kanha, enjoy tiger photographic safaris at the Kanha National Park, organic farming, milking of cows, teaching at local schools, grinding to make flour for your own bread, tree plantation, and many more activities.

How to reach Chitvan Resort, Kanha:

Situated in Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India, the Chitvan Resort in Kanha is accessible from all areas of the nation. Flights and trains to cities closest to Chitvan are Jabalpur (180kms, 4 hours drive), Raipur (200kms, 5 hours drive), Nagpur (250kms, 6 hours drive). All these cities are easily accessible from Delhi and Mumbai in particular.