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Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park, India covers the beautiful green areas of the mountainous Uttarakhand state in India. It is amongst the oldest national parks in India, which is a known habitat of the endangered Bengal Tiger. There are different zones in the park some of which remain open throughout the year while some zones are accessible only in the period. The best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park is in the winter season from October to February. Keep reading to know when to visit the Jim Corbett National Park and the season-wise break up to plan your perfect holiday in Jim Corbett.

Summers April to June 30°C - 40°C
Monsoon July to Sep 25°C - 30°C
Winter Oct to March 11°C - 20°C

Jim Corbett National Park in Summer– From March to June Months

Summer in Jim Corbett falls between the periods of March to mid of June. During the summers, the temperature remains quite high going up to 40 ° C. In spite of having a high temperature, the national park still manages to look beautiful due to the lush greenery. This season is called to be the best visiting season as it allows visitors to spot most of the animals inhabiting the park. And all the five zones are open during this time so the probability of spotting the more number of animals increases. This is also the ideal time to visit for enjoying the other activities like river rafting, Jim Corbett jungle safari, and nature walks.

Jim Corbett National Park in Monsoon - From July to September

The monsoon season is not considered ideal for visitors at Jim Corbett National Park, but it appeals to visitors for the lesser crowds. The national park is situated in the heavy monsoon belt and heavy rainfall makes Jim Corbett tour difficult in this season. The weather is amazing but this season accompanies a great risk of landslides and soil erosion.

Corbett Jeep Safari tour becomes very difficult during this season. During this time, people can be able to explore only two zones out of five zones of the national park. This time is the offseason for the national park so the budget travelers and solo travelers usually travel in this season as the price for Jim Corbett National Park packages goes down.

Jim Corbett National Park in Winter – From October to February

In the winter season or a period of October to February is the best time to visit in Jim Corbett national park, you will find this park a true abode of a variety of birds. Besides birds, you can also sight majestic Bengal tiger roaming around the park in the winter season. This is the peak season of the year when a large number of tourists flocks to the park to witness the sheer beauty of this place.

While exploring the park on Jim Corbett Safari, one can spot the Royal Bengal Tiger soaking up in the sun during the sunny days. This is a paradise for wildlife photographers. Jim Corbett National Park is one of the best destinations for the family holiday. And during the winter season, you can enjoy river rafting, photography, nature walks, jeep safari, elephant safari in Jim Corbett with your family.

Jim Corbett National Park Opening Dates

Jim Corbett National Park is divided into five zones. They are either the marked buffer or the core area of the park. Jhirna Safari Zone and Sitabani Safari Zone open throughout the year. In Jhirna Zone, one can spot birds and sometimes tigers as well. Sitabani Zone doesn’t fall under Corbett National Park but it is rich in flora and fauna and accessible during the monsoon season as well.

Durga Devi Zone and Dhikala Zone are accessible from November to June only. Dhikala Zone is most popular among all and this is the place where most of the tigers can be found. Bijrani Zone opens from October to June. These three regions are very dense and lie in the hilly areas so they are very much prone to landslide during the rainy season.

Best Time for a Jeep safari in Corbett

People visiting Jim Corbett National Park take a lot of pleasure in indulging in multiple safaris to spot the Bengal Tigers. And nothing could beat the thrill of taking a jeep safari. The best time to take a jeep safari in Jim Corbett National Park is between November and April. 

Best Time for Elephant safari in Corbett

The unconventional way to explore the national park is through the elephant safari and the best time to enjoy this is during the winter season which is between October and February. Moreover, elephant safaris can be taken in the morning as well as evening.

Best Time for Canter safari in Corbett

The best time to take a canter safari in Jim Corbett National Park is between November and June. The only considerable difference between the jeep and the canter safari is the visibility and thrill. You get an open roof jeep with 360-degree visibility, unlike the canter. 

Here is something that you should know before heading out for the Corbett Safari!