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Flora in Corbett National Park

Surrounded by lush green woods, the Corbett National Park is blessed with some of the richest environmental conditions in India. Flora in Corbett National Park is varied and provides the tourists on a tour to the Corbett National Park with an air that is fragrant with the essence of freshness. Spread over around 520.8 sprawling acres of land, one of the greatest claims to fame of the Corbett National Park is its rich natural vegetation.

The flora in Corbett is best known by the evergreen Sal (Shorea robusta) and its associate tress, the Sheesam (Dalbergia sissoo), the Kanju (Holoptelea integrifolia)-trees which can be seen scattered liberally all around its ridges, the ber (Zizyphus mauritians), dhak (Butea monosperma), and bael (Aegle Marmelos).Besides these, other varieties of flora in Corbett include the occasional simal (Bombax cieba), jhingan (Lannea coromandelica) and khair (Acacia catechu) which bear flowers during summers just before the advent of the spring.