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Fauna in Dudhwa National Park

Stretched over vast alluvial plains, in the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh, Dudhwa National Park provides excellent living conditions for a large number of endangered species. Main wildlife attractions of the national park are the zoo-born tigers and leopards, which were personally introduced to the wild by veteran wildlife expert, Billy Arjan Singh. Swamp deers also hold the same privilege as the jungle cats at Dudhwa. In the 80s, the national park went through another development, when the one-horned Rhinoceros was introduced to the wildlife chain.


Swamp deer (Barasingha), tiger, leopard, spotted deer, Hog deer, elephant, Black buck, Four-horned antelope, Marmots, Squirrels, wolf, Hyaena, Macaque, Langur, bat, sloth bear, jackal, civets, jungle cat, fishing cat, Indian rhinoceros, Hispid Hare.



Marsh crocodile, Indian Gharial, fresh water turtle, Indian Rat snake, Cobra, Russel’s Viper, Common Krait, Branded Krait, Blind snake, Red Sand Boa, Russel’s Kukri snake, Checkered Keelback, Himalayan Pit Viper, Common Indian Monitor and Yellow Monitor.





Swamp Francolin, Bengal Florican, Painted Stork, White-necked Stork, Barbet, Kingfisher, Minivet, Bee-eater, Bulbul, Cormorant, Duck, Geese, Hornbill, Asian woodpecker, Sarus crane, Egrets, Orioles and Drongos.