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Conservation History

Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the important Wildlife Sanctuarys in Eastern part of India. India is a land of diversity and you can spot this diversity in the animal family. The Wildlife Sanctuary is ideal for wildlife photography and spotting the wild animals in their respective locale. Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary is the home ground of various animals and this park is one of the oldest Wildlife Sanctuarys which were developed in the year of 1954 and it was listed by United Nations.

There are various census works that are performed at regular intervals which shows increment of the number of different animal families. Tiger reserve is one of the active conservation in this Wildlife Sanctuary. Apart from that, all the other animals are kept in their respective environment and their health and other necessary elements are taken care off.Hunting or harming the animals are criminal offences and can result to serious punishment.Deforestation and causing any harm is strictly prohibited