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Hiawatha Resort

Location: Kanha National Park

Situated in: Madhya Pradesh

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When you cannot resist the call of the wild and yearn for a vacation in the beautiful, tempting, mysterious Kanha Natinal park, there is one place where you can put up, to make your holiday all the more blissful and memorable. Hiawatha Resort is simply perfect for a jungle retreat. Nestled amidst five acres of greenery against the backdrop of the Maikal range and beside the azure stretch of the Banjar rivulet, the resort is a landmark in Kanha. Merely one and a half kilometers from the jungle, it can be your perfect sojourn when you are out to explore this treasure trove.

Accommodation at the Hiawatha Resort

The most striking character of the cottages in this resort is that they exude a wild, rustic yet sophisticated feel at the same time. You feel you are living in a jungle, but there is no dearth of any modern amenities. The large spacious rooms have wall to wall carpeting and come with attached bathrooms that have a regular supply of running hot and cold water. They also offer absolutely overwhelming views of the surrounding scenery. Everything about the cottages, including its décor is so elegant, so stylish and so meticulous, that it would be no exaggeration to say that they are cocoons of ease and luxury. Anyone is sure to feel absolutely comfortable residing in them.

Dining at the Hiawatha Resort, Kanha

You are in for an exotic dining experience at "Bell Pepper" - the restaurant of Hiawatha Resort. The dishes on offer include authentically prepared traditional Indian cuisine as well as several other Chinese preparations. All your taste buds are sure to be satisfied after a meal here.

Other facilities at the Hiawatha Resort

Banquet and Conference facilities are available at the Hiawatha Resort, Kanha . The support and cooperation extended by its well trained staff ensure that each event held here is a success.

The resort authorities arrange for jungle safaris and outings for its guests.

24 hour room service is provided by the ever courteous staff of this plush resort. You are sure to be impressed by the warmth and hospitality extended by Hiawatha Resort in Kanha. Give in to the alluring call of Kanha and let Hiawatha Resort be the venue for this rendezvous with nature.