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Hotel Park Palace

Location: Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Situated in: Rajasthan

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Hotel Park Palace is a hot tourist spot that attracts numerous people visiting Bharatpur. The splendid Bird Sanctuary with rare and exquisite birds are found in abundance here. There are also many forts and palaces located in Bharatpur. These reflect the Rajput and Mughal architectural skills and also some of the interesting artifacts reminiscent of hey days of the British rule in India. At Bharatpur you would come across some of the most luxurious hotels but if you want to go with quality then rely on the services offered by the Hotel Park Palace.

Accommodation at Hotel Park Palace, Bharatpur

Scrupulously clean room supplied with modern amenities dist inguishes Hotel Park Palace. The attached bathroom ensures your hygiene and also helps you to take a hot bath from the hot and cold water services available here for 24 hours. The balcony offers a magnificent view of the greenery outside often taking you to days past, memories would surface once you start contemplating on the balcony looking outside.

Cuisine in Park Palace Hotel

The cuisine consists of Indian, Continental and Chinese delicacies that are served with tremendous care and concern. Enjoy the local dishes also which spell binds you with their mouth watering flavors, the sweet aroma escaping in the air.

Other Facilities at Park Palace Hotel

The travel desk ensures a visit to various places like the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and nearby forts and palaces. It is very important that you rely on the authentic services rendered by the travel desk and start for a Jeep Safari whence you may be able to become a part of the innate denizens of nature.