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Fauna in Kabini

Plan a safari or a boat cruise through the dense forests of Kabini you might get a glimpse of animals like leopard, gaur, antelope, crocodile, tiger, cobra and python. There is a rich and varied fauna in Kabini which allures the tourists to this destination. You might see a playful herd of elephants or a leopard prowling behind the thickly forested terrains of Kabini Forests.

Amidst the fauna in Kabini there is also a vast array of avian species. There are 250 species of birds in Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary.

Besides the fauna in Kabini there is also a rich variety of flora in Kabini which is even equally interesting.

Nature lovers love to explore the dense and thickly forested regions of Kabini, for its varied topography and varied collection of animal and plant life.