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Best time to visit Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh is a hub of wildlife. Visitors are permitted to enter the park only for a specified period, starting from the 16th of October till 30th of June. These months are the best season to visit Kanha. March to June is favored by wildlife enthusiasts as well as photographers as it's quite easy to get their glimpse. Before you make your plans, peruse the season-wise details about the best time to visit.

Summers April to June 30°C - 45°C
Monsoon July to Sep 25°C - 35°C
Winter Oct to March 12°C - 20°C


Kanha National Park in Summer: From April till June

Summers in Kanha lasts from March to June. The temperatures during this season is recorded between 24 to 42°C. The warm season is good for sightseeing as the animals are seen in search of water and prey.  The early summer is beautiful as the grass and the whole atmosphere has a healthy shine to it.

Kanha National Park in Monsoon: From July till September

Monsoon comes to Kanha National Park by mid-July and stays up to September. It brings frequent rainfall, sometimes medium and sometimes heavy. Roadways, grasslands and the entire national park is flooded in some areas and highly dangerous in others. A visit to the national park in monsoon is generally avoided by the tourists.

Kanha National Park in Winter: From October till March

The cold season of winters is the best time to visit Kanha. The three months of winter, December to February, are extremely cold. The national park receives the most number of visitors in these months.