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Best Time to Visit Kaziranga

Kaziranga National Park in Assam is an abode of the one-horned rhinoceros. This park welcomes visitors from 1st November till 30th April every year. Hence, you can visit this Kaziranga National Park during the winter and summer time. However,  winter is the best time to visit Kaziranga National Park for the tourists to explore famous rhinoceros & enjoy the Jungle safari in the Park. 

Summers are hot and humid but the perfect season to spot wildlife. However, the park remains closed from May till October. The park's closing is due to the heavy monsoon and the flooding of the Brahmaputra River, which also affects the park as it covers the banks of the river.

Kaziranga National Park experiences a tropical climate and receives heavy rainfall in the monsoon. Consequently, the best time to visit Kaziranga is between November and April. However, Assam gets heavy rainfall during monsoon and pre-monsoon times. In other words, the months of June, July, and August. But the water of rain starts receding in September and October. By looking at that, Kaziranga opens its gate for tourists in November again. So, plan your vacation by booking our well-designed Kaziranga tour packages and enjoying the wilderness and natural beauty.

Summers Feb to May 07°C - 37°C
Monsoon June to Oct 10°C - 35°C
Winter Nov to Feb 05°C - 25°C


Kaziranga National Park in Summer (March to May)

The summer season is quite exciting to visit Kaziranga National Park. The day temperatures are hot and humid but mild and pleasant nights. It’s the best time to escape the rush of crowds and get the best travel deals on hotel bookings. Summer in Kaziranga starts in the month of March, and then it ends in the month of May. Moreover, May is the hottest month of Kaziranga. Hence, all the jungle animals are found around the water bodies because of scorching weather conditions.

Weather in Summer:During the day, the temperature is hot and humid. However, the nights are mild and pleasant. May is the hottest month in this region, increasing the chances of spotting more wild animals.


Kaziranga National Park in Monsoon (June to October)

Monsoon arrives in the national park by June. It’s not a good time to visit Kaziranga for a wildlife holiday. The region experiences rainfall of 2,220 mm, which at times leads to a flood. Some areas of the park submerged due to the rising water levels of the Brahmaputra River. Overall, the monsoon is not the right time to visit Kaziranga National Park. Due to the heavy rain, the park becomes inaccessible for any safari. Therefore, going for Kaziranga National Park Safari during the monsoon is not a possible task. However, the tour booking starts before the park welcomes tourists for tourism.

Weather in Monsoon: The monsoon and wildlife tour in Kaziranga never come in a single sentence for a vacation. Because of the drastic rain in the region, the weather conditions are not adequate for any kind of activity.


Kaziranga National Park in Winter (November to February)

Winters are the best time to visit Kaziranga. The weather is mild and dry. Winter is a good time for bird watching tours, Jeep safari, elephant safari, jeep safari, and camping. So come armed with a camera and get some glorious pictures of nature and the wildlife inhabiting the park. There is no second thought that winter is one of the most pleasant and enjoyable seasons to visit Kaziranga National Park. Especially the month of November, which allows you to indulge in trekking fun at one of the zones of this park. Apart from that, you can enjoy wildlife photography and safari. But if you are planning your visit to Kaziranga in the winter season, it is a plus point if you choose the afternoon safari. The straight and straightforward reason for it is the fog factor in the morning that may disturb the view. But you can also select the elephant safari for a better view of wildlife in the winter season. 

Weather in Winter:The weather condition of winter in Kaziranga reflects the cool breeze and pleasant atmosphere. With a pleasant atmosphere, you will enjoy any activity that this forest offers, like bird watching, safari, and trekking. 


Frequently Asked Question About Best Time to Kaziranga National Park

Q: What are the best places to visit near the Kaziranga National Park?

Ans: Kaziranga National Park is surrounded by many beautiful places that you can visit with your friends and family. And some of the nearby places of Kaziranga are Itanagar, Jorhat, Yupia, Ziro, and Majuli. These places are located around 100 km away from the Kaziranga National Park.

Q: Which is the best way to reach Kaziranga National Park?

Ans: Kaziranga National Park is one of the best tourist places in Assam that is well accessible through various modes. Notably, the nearest railway station is Furkating Junction, from where you will get a cab and taxi to reach the park within one hour. When it comes to reaching the park via air, Jorhat Airport is the best choice as it is located around 75 km away from the park. In addition, well-developed and connected roads make the road trip smooth and accessible to nearby cities like Guwahati, Nagaon, Tezpur, and Itanagar.

Q: What is the best season to visit Kaziranga National Park?

Ans:The best season to visit Kaziranga National Park in the winter season. This season is set in November and lasts till February. But when it comes to choosing the best month to visit Kaziranga, November is the ideal month to enjoy the wildlife tour. You can also indulge in fun activities like trekking, safari, photography, and birdwatching in Kaziranga this season.

Q: What is the local food in Kaziranga National Park to enjoy?
Ans: There are many options for foods that you can enjoy throughout your wildlife tour. And you can enjoy your food at nearby resorts, lodges, and resorts. But there are limited options in terms of local food joints or dhabas. You can also enjoy the variety of regional Assamese cuisines, including Laksa, Khar, Tenga, fish delicacies, and rice dishes. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the popular items of Indian cuisines. 

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