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Transport in Bharatpur (Keoladeo Ghana National Park)

The Keoladeo Ghana National Park is open from sunrise to sunset. An excellent network of tracks covers the Bharatpur reserve. Many paths run along acacia-lined bunds between the waterbodies providing access routes for transport in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. For getting around the Keoladeo Ghana National Park you can either move on foot, or hire a bicycle and cycle around, or hire a cycle-rickshaw. The drivers of the rickshaw have been trained by the park authorities and make excellent guides. While their English may be broken, their knowledge of the park's flora and fauna is very good.

They know which species of birds can be found where in the park. Regulars to the park have complete faith in them. The rickshaws are restricted to the metalled road through the center of the park.

There are also boats that take you close to the heronry, provided the water level is sufficiently high. At the Bharatpur heronry you can see breeding Cormorants, Oriental Darters, Egrets, Painted Storks, Asian Openbills, Eurasian Spoonbills and Black-headed Ibis.