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Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Andhra Pradesh

Main Wildlife Attractions: Spotted Deer, Sambar,Black Buck,Hyena,Jungle Cat, Fishing Cat, Fox

Coverage Area: 194.81 sq.kms

Best Time to Visit:October to February

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The sanctuary sprawls over an area of 194.81 sq km, spreading into Krishna and Guntur districts in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Krishna Sanctuary is one of the few mangrove habitats in Andhra Pradesh. These dense mangrove forests are nestled on the estuary of River Krishna. The sanctuary is home to a variety of plants like Leptadenia reticulata, Spinifex squarrosus, Spinifex littoreus, Pongamia pinnate, Palmyra, Date-palm, etc.

Among the animals that you can see in Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary are Fishing Cat, Otter Jackal, Estuarine crocodile, hyena, etc. Spotted Deer, Sambar, and Black Buck can be seen occasionally in the sanctuary.

Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect place for bird-watching. You can witness a good variety of birds such as the Crested Serpent Eagle, Indian Roller, Wagtails, Pipits, etc. Besides, the sanctuary houses reptiles like the Cobra, Water Snake, Garden Lizard, Land tortoise, etc.

You can reach Krishna Sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh comfortably by rail as well as road. The nearest railway station is 80 km away at Vijayawada. The sanctuary is well-connected by an extensive network of roads to all the major towns of Andhra Pradesh.

During your visit to the Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh, you can enjoy a comfortable stay at the Forest Guest House at Machilipatanam. The Krishna Sanctuary should be ideally visited between the months of October and February.