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Climate of Manas National Park

Month Best Time Climate Min. Temp (°C) Max. Temp (°C)
January 8 21
February 11 25
March 16 31
April   21 38
May   27 43
June 28 42
July   28 38
August 27 37
September 25 36
October 20 35
November 14 29
December 9 23

The climate of Manas National Park is tropical. The temperature during summer does not rise above 37ºC, and during the winter, it stays at around 11ºC. Monsoon season (May. September) brings heavy rainfall to the tune of 160 cm, because of which the park often gets flooded.

The Climate of Manas National Park is warm and humid (up to 76 percent relative humidity), with most rain falling during the monsoon season (May-September). Mean annual rainfall ranges from 3332 mm at Batabari to 4489 mm at Kachugaon, based on 11 and 17 years of records, respectively.

Monsoon season should be avoided for traveling to the park as heavy rains often flood the place.

Cotton clothing is suggested for summers and woolens for winters. Unfortunately, because of ethnic problems, the opening, and closing of the Manas National Park have become erratic since 1989.

This park is blessed with wildlife and natural beauty that allures tourists from different corners of the world. Apart from monsoon, the park welcomes tourists full of glory and natural charm. Winter and summer are the best time to plan a vacation to Manas National Park. We at Indian Holiday offer the best deals on Manas wildlife tour packages.