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Flora in Manas National Park

Manas National Park in Assam is located in the Himalayan foothills, covering an area of 391 sq km. A part of it extends to Bhutan crossing the international border. Moreover, it is regarded as the Royal Manas National Park in Bhutan.

This Manas National Park was declared a sanctuary on the 1st of October 1928 and was designated a World Heritage site in December 1985. Apart from its historical importance, what has been attracting tourists for decades is undoubtedly the rich and varied flora of this jungle.

Forest Types:

  • Sub-Himalayan High Alluvial Semi-Evergreen Forests
  • Eastern Valoor Type of Forests
  • East Himalayan Moist Mixed Deciduous Forests
  • Low Alluvial Savana Woodland
  • Assam Valley Semi-Evergreen Alluvial Grasslands

The park's scenery consists of primarily small grasslands located between the densely wooded foothills with many rivulets, streams, and natural drains flowing all over. In addition, there are many smooth sandy belts in the lower plane with clumps of trees growing in and around them. In general, Manas National Park in Assam offers some of the most pleasing natural surroundings in the country.

Major Flora:

374 species of dicots and 139 spp. of Monocots are confirmed from the jungle. The park is a haven for rare plants such as -

  • Reinwardia indica
  • Desmoduim motoruim
  • Pueroria subspicota
  • Biden pilore
  • Exacum teres
  • Pygmaeoprema herbacea
  • Chiloschhiosta junifera
  • Oplismenus megaphyllus
  • Magnifera sylvetica etc.

Main Species:

Shorea robusta, Artocarpus Chaplasha, Bauhinia sps., Bombax ceiba, Careya arborea, Chukrasia tabularis, Dillenia pentagyna, Lagestroemia parviflora, Leea aequata, Leea Crispa, Melastoma malbathricum, Oroxylum indicum, Toona ciliata, Trewia nodiflora, Sterculia villosa, Bischofia javanica, Callicarpa arboarea, Dendrocalamus bamiltonii, Duabanga grandiflora, Holarrhaena antidysentrica, Mallotus phillippensis, Mukuna bracteata, Pouzolzia zeylanica, Syzygium formosum, Terminalia bellarica, Zingibar zecumber, Zizyphus mauritiana etc. and grasses Imperata Cylindrica, Narenga porphyrocoma, Panicum sps., Saccharum arundinaceum, thysanolaena maxima etc.