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Wildlife in Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary-

One of the finest and most attractive wildlife sanctuaries in South India, Mudumalai Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu is a favored destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. The breathtaking natural beauty and abundant wildlife in Mudumalai make it one of the most visited wildlife reserves in India.

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is blessed with a varied terrain, comprising flat land, undulating parkland, open grassland, swamp, valleys and 'nullas'. The vegetation at the reserve is mainly in the form of tropical moist deciduous forests, dry deciduous forests and scrub forests. Wildlife in Mudumalai largely comprises of predators and a wide variety of birds.

Endowed with a moderate climate and varied topography, Mudumalai National Park supports an enchanting variety of flora and fauna. Wildlife in Mudumalai include common langur, bonnet macaque, tiger, leopard, wild dog, hyena, jackal, sloth bear, elephants, gaur, sambar, spotted deer, Indian muntjac, mouse deer, wild boar, rodent and flying squirrel. Some other animals commonly spotted are chital, panther, python, barking deer, four horned antelope, otter, crocodiles (mugger), porcupine and mongoose.

But, most prominent among the various species of wildlife in Mudumalai is the Asiatic Wild Dog or Dhole - renowned for its ferocity. The Dholes are frequently spotted in the eastern part of Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, where the vegetation is scant.

The rich birdlife, including peacock, jungle fowl, Malabar whistling thrush, large racket-tailed drongo, magpie-robin, spotted babbler, small green barbet, green pigeons, brown dove and Malabar grey hornbill are also part of the enchanting wildlife in Mudumalai. Some migratory water birds and several birds of prey like eagles, hawks, buzzards, harriers, falcons and the king vulture are also among the major attractions of the reserve.