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Wildlife in Nagarhole National Park

The range and diversity of the Wildlife in Nagarhole National Park is sure to startle any visitor. If you have had to remain content watching Wildlife on television's animal planet channel or reading about them in books and magazines, here's your chance to witness several of these exotic animals in their natural habitat at the Nagarhole National Park.

Located at the foothill of the Brahmagiri Mountain and named Nagarhole, a word meaning "Snake Streams" after the meandering course the streams flowing through it takes, this wildlife park has much in store for all Wildlife lovers. The greatest attraction of this rich and varied Wildlife in Nagarhole is undisputedly the famous Asiatic Elephant.

However the Nagarhole National Park is also home to several other species of animals. The thrill and excitement of the jungle safaris is simply inexplicable. The visitors get a chance to explore the dense mysterious forests and the wide ranging Wildlife within it. Some of the animals that can be sighted in the Nagarhole National Park include Four-horned Antelopes, Sloth Bears, Jungle Cats, Civets, Spotted Deers, Wild Dogs, Flying Foxes, Tigers, Panthers, Gaurs (Indian bisons), Sambhars, Wild Boars, Black-napped Hares, Bonnet Macaques and Pangolins.  The Wildlife in Nagarhole National Park is made richer because of the presence of reptiles like Cobras, Crocodiles, Kraits, Pythons and Vipers. Many species of lizards are also to be seen in this Wildlife reserve.

Tracking the tigers and the leopards with the help of the authorized guides will certainly remain embedded in your memories forever. These opportunities do not come often in life. You are sure to feel fascinated by the whole experience of Wildlife viewing. Just set out with a camera in hand for the Nagarhole National Park and there will be so many moments that you would like to immortalize in a picture frame - the majestic tiger in search of prey, the deer flaunting its beauty and much more. The more adventurous trekkers can even choose to trek in the forests and witness the Wildlife of Nagarhole National Park. Only keep in mind that prior permission of the forest authorities is required.