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Transport in Nagarjunasagar

Transport in Gir is required to explore the mesmerizing Nagarjunasagar Tiger Reserve in Andhra Pradesh. The Nagarjunasagar Tiger Reserve is the largest Tiger Reserve in India .It sprawls over an area of 3568 sq km and covers more than five districts of central Andhra Pradesh. The sanctuary lies in the catchment area of the Krishna River in the state, and nestled in the Nallamalai Hill ranges.

Transport in Nagarjunasagar helps you to witness a large number of animals and birds at Nagarjunasagar Tiger Reserve. Apart from tigers, you can sight animals like the leopard, jungle cat, wild dog, wolf, jackal, Bengal fox, sloth bear, four-horned antelope, sambar, spotted deer, nilgai, blackbuck, chinkara, Indian pangolin, langoor, bonnet macaque, smooth-coated otter, palm civet, striped hyena, wild boar, Indian spotted chevrotain, Indian muntjac, giant flying squirrel, Indian porcupine and Indian tree shrew at the sanctuary.

Nagarjunasagar is also home to nearly 150 species of avifauna such as the grey hornbill and the peafowl. Among the several reptiles seen in the sanctuary, you may view the Indian soft-shelled turtle, Indian python, cobra, monitor lizard, and the marsh crocodile.

The transport in Nagarjunasagar is available for you to look around Nagarjunasagar and its nearby places. You will find private transport like tourist Taxis and auto-rickshaws at Nagarjunasagar , as also Coaches. These vehicles help you reach the sanctuary, where you can capture beautiful sights of its numerous flora and fauna.

Nagarjunasagar Tiger Reserve should be ideally visited in the winter season, when the climate remains pleasant. Avail of transport in Nagarjunasagar to look around this Tiger Reserve.