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Birds in Namdhapa National Park

Namdhapa National Park - one of India's best kept secret. Even though considerable portions of the vast stretches of wilderness in this sanctuary of Arunachal Pradesh is still largely inaccessible, the reachable areas are sure to fascinate any visitor. The Wildlife in Namdhapa National Park is diverse and interesting. In addition to the amazing flora and fauna, what will surely to attract your attention in Namdhapa are its Birds.

Birds have always interested most of us. We admire them and are curious about them for their unique ability to fly high.

Perhaps we can never acquire their talent but nevertheless we can always see them soaring for the sky. The Namdhapa National Park in Arunachal Pradesh is a paradise for all such Bird lovers who savor watching these beautiful winged creatures.

The Namdhapa Wildlife Sanctuary is home to about 400 species of Birds. Some of the Birds that can be sighted here are so rare that they cannot be found elsewhere in the country. The White Winged Wood Duck is seldom to be seen at a different place. At the Noa-Dihing River, wading Birds like the Rufus necked Hornbills, Ibis bills and the White-bellied Herons crowd in large numbers.

It is indeed a very enthralling experience not just for the ornithologists but for any visitor to see the variety and diversity of Birds that Namdhapa is home to. Some of the exotic Birds that you can witness in Namdhapa include Satyr Tragopans, Kalij and Monal Pheasants, Blue-napped Pittas, Snowy-throated babblers, Jungle fowls, Forest Eagle Owl, Cochoas, Ward's Trogons and Beautiful Nuthatches.

Bird Watching in Namdhapa is indeed a delightful activity. As the forests are unexplored and unaffected by the vagaries of modern civilization it is possible to see the Birds in their natural surroundings in Namdhapa. Sometimes the sweet humming voices of these colorful feathered creatures and at other times even their cacophony as they vie for space reaches the ears of the bird watchers and enthralls them. Derive all possible pleasure from the multifarious sights and sounds of the Birds in Namdhapa.