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Climate in Namdhapa National Park

Month Best Time Climate Min. Temp (°C) Max. Temp (°C)
January 8 21
February 11 25
March 16 31
April   21 38
May   27 43
June 28 42
July   28 38
August 27 37
September 25 36
October 20 35
November 14 29
December 9 23

Namdhapa National Park is located on the north eastern tip of India in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The uniqueness of the national park resides in its variation in respect of floras as well as faunas. The climate is another advantageous part that makes the national park more and more important. Being located in the hills, the place is the ideal home ground for varieties of birds and animals. This hilly national park experiences soothing cool Climate in Namdhapa throughout the year. In the months of summer the temperature ranges from 18 to 40º C whereas in winters the temperature varies from 5 to 12º C.

Due to the stability of temperature the national park is populated by different kinds of animals like leopards, tiger snow leopards and others. Apart from that various colorful birds come and make their nest in the trees of the park. In the months of winter the migratory birds came and explore the land and stay in the locality by making it vivacious. The best season to visit the national park is from the month of October to April when the climate is very soothing and you can spot good number of wild animals and birds. It is better to avoid rainy season because in the rainy season the park becomes dangerous for the tourists.