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Namdhapa Conservation History

The Namdapha National park is a fascinating zone for wildlife lovers and ardent nature admirers. It is home to tigers, and hence it is also known as a national tiger park. Due to deforestation and hunting, the tiger population was decreasing. This created an alarm in the mind of nature lovers, and thus tiger reserve project came into existence. The conservation history of Namdapha National Park tells us about the charm of this park. And, the tropical rainforest and its thickness show the presence of varieties of wild animals in the place. You can explore this park to witness the best of natural beauty.

Alarmingly decline in the number of animals in this place made the authority aware of the conservation of the forest. There are various rules taken against deforestation and hunting. Hunting and deforestation were prohibited, and wild animals and their calves were looked after so that they did not receive any obstacles in growing up. Tiger reserve is the main motto, and apart from there, you can easily spot other wild lives like wild boars, Mountain goats, Wild Cats, Elephant, Wild goats, Gibbon, Assamese Macaque, Mongoose, Musk Deer, Takin, Goral, and a large number of rodents like squirrels, porcupine, and Mithan.