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Fauna in Namdhapa National Parks

The Namdapha National Park is home to some of the most excellent flora and fauna. If you are an ardent animal lover searching for adventure and excitement, there is much in store for you at the Namdapha Wildlife Sanctuary. The wilderness of Namdapha will amaze you as it offers a wide range of species of animals, birds, and fauna. 

Namdapha National Park is characterized by a humid subtropical climate that is very conducive to the sustenance of its large mammalian population. As a result, the mammals account for a sizeable portion of the Fauna in Namdapha. An even more exciting piece of information is that 60% of the various species of mammals found in the entire country are represented in the Fauna of Namdapha. The Namdapha National Park also prides itself on being the only place where you can find the four big cats - Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Clouded Leopard in the same area.

A visit to the Namdapha Wildlife Sanctuary gives the visitors a chance to witness the range and diversity of its Fauna. Some of the animals that can be sighted here include Mithun, Elephant, Wild Goat, Mongoose, Musk Deer, Takin, and Goral. Many rodents like squirrels, porcupines, and rats also increase the richness of the Fauna in Namdapha. Hoolock Gibbon, Assamese Macaque, pig-tailed Macaque, and stump-tailed Macaque are some primate species of the mammalian population that Namdapha gives shelter to.

The Namdapha Wildlife Reserve stretches to high altitudes. The upper quarters are inhabited by some of the most endangered species of the animal kingdom, like the Himalayan Black Bear, Red Panda, and Snow Leopard. Their presence contributes to the diversity of the Fauna. So come and see the incredible variety of the Fauna by booking your Namdapha National Park through Indian Holiday.