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Flora in Namdhapa National Park

Apart from various species of animals, Namdapha National Park is blessed with abundant floras that will grace the beauty of this park. 

These beautiful floras in Namdapha National Park add a different tinge to the ambiance. The lush green tropical rainforest and mountain forest create a typical atmosphere with varieties of plants like Oak, Magnolia, Pine, Betula, and Rhododendrons.

The national park is also known as the botanical garden, where you can spot 150 species of plants. Moreover, you can see varieties of colorful flowers and orchids that increase the place's beauty and add life to the monotonous forest foliage. For example, you can locate Blue Vanda, which is regarded as one of the oldest orchid plantations. Spotting varieties of plantation and rare flora is one of the important activities of the national park. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to this National Park through our Namdapha wildlife tour package and witness the glory of nature at its best.