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Transport in Namdhapa National Park

The Namdhapa Wildlife Sanctuary has been assigned the status of a National Park. Consequently the authorities are very careful and see to it that the presence of too many forms of Transport do not pose any threat to the wildlife population of Namdhapa. They want Namdhapa to retain its pristine nature and accordingly very few forms of Transport are allowed within its premises.

Jeeps are probably the only means of Transport that you can avail of in Namdhapa. The movements of the jeeps are also restricted to only particular quarters of Namdhapa. And no matter whether it is jeep or any other form of Transport, what is most important is that you need to obtain Restricted Area Permit before entering it. They are issued to groups of at least four members.

Else it is best not to depend much on the Transport in Namdhapa National Park, but rather trek and walk through the challenging yet charming terrains and witness a wide range of flora, fauna and birds. Though trekking through this area can be quite strenuous and unnerving, it is rewarding in more ways than one. Load your backpack with dry foods, invest in a good pair of shoes and start your journey in search of the wild.