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Happenings in Nanda Devi National Park

There are several eventful Happenings in Nanda Devi National Park and films have also been shot on them. The Raj Jat Yatra is held once in twelve years and the procession reaches the mountains surrounding the Nanda Devi National Park starting from the lower hills.

Helicopter Skiing is yet another of the major Happenings in Nanda Devi National Park. This unique adventure sport is indeed very thrilling. Plenty of trekking options are also there for the tourists. Trekking equipments are available on hire.

The Chipko Movement can also be regard as yet another of the eventful Happenings in Nanda Devi National Park. The most interesting aspect of this movement is the phenomenal participation of women. It was spearheaded by Fifty year old Gauri Devi and she became a living legend. The village women took upon themselves the responsibility of defending their forests. They voiced their protest against the indiscriminate cutting of trees.

Nanda Devi became the most popular tourist destination after it was open for mountaineering second only to Everest. However this spelled disaster for the National Park. The tourists caused a lot of ecological damage. Later a team led by the Indian Army cleared the area of 1000 tons of rubbish. The Nanda Devi National Park once again emerged as a major pillar of Ecotourism in India.

The Lata Village Council organized a workshop in which the citizens of the village, their leaders and several small organizations associated with the Nanda Devi National Park participated. Here they issued a declaration vowing to uphold the cause of community based ecotourism and conservation of bio cultural diversity.

Efforts have also been undertaken to build a museum on bio cultural diversity. This effort is indeed commendable and is surely one of the most remarkable Happenings in Nanda Devi National Park.