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Transport in Panna

 There are lots to explore at Panna National Park. May be a lifetime is not enough to understand the intricacies and mysteries of the jungle. Still when you are in there make full use of whatever time you have with you and however you can explore the forest.

Trekking seems to be the most favored and best way to have a look around the forest. Though you can also opt for Nature Walks which seems to be the latest craze. Getting close to the avian world can be best achieved by trekking. If you are tired after trekking through the terrains of the jungle, rest in the camps.

Boat Ride on the river Ken. An adventurous journey into the exciting world of the Crocodiles. These boat rides are organized mostly with the consent of the forest administrations.

Fast and furious is the key word in jungle. Get on top of a jeep for a Jeep Safari to witness the happenings at the jungle. Make sure that the petrol or diesel four wheel drive is not more than five (5) years old.

The Elephant safari is the indispensable part of any jungle tour. Panna is no exception. The one hour tour on the back of the huge creature is your best bet to catch the glimpse of the 'Big cat' up close and perfect.

The jungle wakes up in night. It is the time when many animals come out of their shades for food. Though the Tiger reserve remains close in night still the 'Night Safari' is the best way to spot some of the unusual animals at their usual best.

Catch the wild life at the wilderness best in Panna National Park !