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Fauna in Pench National Park

The Pench National Park is well-known for its rich fauna. The park is home to a number of endangered species. As per the latest Tiger Census, it was recorded that the park is home to 25 tigers, 3 species of amphibians, 39 species of mammals, 13 species of reptiles and 285 species of birds. Most commonly found fauna include Indian Bison, Sambar, Nilgai, Cheetal, Wild Dog and Wild Pig. Predators roaming in the park are Tigers, Leopards, Wild Dogs and Wolfs.


Other common animals that one can take sight in the park are Sloth Bear, Chousingha, Chinkara, Barking Deer, Jackal, Fox, Common Palm Civet, Small Indian Civet, Jungle Cat, Hyena, Porcupine and many others.




Coming to birds, Pench National Park is a paradise for birdwatchers and is no less than Bharatpur National Park when it comes to the number of bird species. There are around 285 species of birds found in the park including White-eyed Buzzard, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Indian Pitta, Osprey, Grey-headed Fishing Eagle, Sarus Crane, peafowl, red vented bulbul, crow pheasant, crimson breasted barbet, red jungle fowl, racket tailed drongo, magpie robin, whistling teal and many more species of migratory birds.

Tigers can be seen around the Pench River. The park allures tourists from all over who wish to spot the tiger. The Pench River and other water streams in the park are home to Fresh Water Turtles and Crocodiles.

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