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Flora in Pench National Park

The Pench National Park is gifted with rich and affluent forests that are dispersed throughout the area of the National Park. There are the southern tropical dry deciduous teak forests that slowly intermingle with tropical mixed deciduous forests. The flora in Pench national park include different varieties of shrubs, tall trees and climbers.

Some of the common kinds of flora found at the Pench National Park include moyan, mahua, mokha, skiras, tendu, bija, achar, garari, aonla, ghont, baranga, Aonla,Khair,Bhirra, palas,skiras and kihamali. There is also a sparse population of bamboos in some valleys and near the water banks. The flora in Pench National park also includes some rare varieties of herbs with medicinal properties. There are bright white Kullu trees that are spread singly within the forest area and look a pleasant contrast in the verdant greens. The wilderness of the Flora in Pench National park is somehow structured with old plantations of Teak and Bamboo.

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