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Best Time to Visit Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park in Kerala is one of the renowned and most visited wildlife sanctuaries in India. The national park can be visited throughout the year, and every weather has its own distinctive charm. The average temperature ranges from 15°C to 31°C, making the tour pleasant. April to May is the summer season, the monsoon lasts from June to September, and winter extends from October to March. Go through the season-wise details on planning your trip to Periyar.

Summers April to May 28°C - 36°C
Monsoon June to Sep 25°C - 36°C
Winter Oct to March 10°C - 18°C


Periyar National Park in Summer (April to May)

Summer in Periyar is from March to May. It is an ideal time to visit Periyar National Park to spot animals that come to quench their thirst at the lake. The temperatures are high, and the vegetation is lean. Evening safari tours are common during summer.


  • Make sure to wear a generous amount of sunscreen.
  • Wear earthy tone clothes like beige, deep green, brown, etc.
  • It is hot in summer in Periyar, so keep yourself hydrated.
  • Wear light cotton clothes.


Periyar National Park in Monsoon (June to September)

Periyar is the only national park to be open in the monsoon. Rains bless the area with verdure beauty. Though the park remains open, safari is a little difficult. It is preferred by true adventure and wildlife lovers.


  • Keep mosquito repellant with you.
  • Carry a raincoat with you.
  • Wear sturdy shoes as you walk in the park.
  • It is a good time to visit as the accommodation and flights are cheaper.


Periyar National Park in Winter (October to March)

October to March is the winter season in Thekkady. It is the best time to visit Periyar National Park. Fresh from rains, the water bodies are full while vegetation is lush with recent rains. Flowers are in bloom, and animals can be spotted easily. Also, migratory birds settled here for the season. Also, safari on rafts and boat cruises on Periyar Lake, jungle trekking, border patrolling, and safaris are all the more exciting.


  • Keep light woolens as it tends to get cooler.
  • Keep drinking water and wear sunscreen.
  • Book your hotels and flights in advance as Kerala's peak season.

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