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Periyar Happenings

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Western Ghats in the Idukki District of Kerala. The land of the national park is rolling and the drainage is dendrite. The north-eastern border line of this Tiger reserve is an edge, which also forms boundary between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The 26 sq. km Periyar Lake is the basis of the Tiger Reserve. Due to the shape of this lagoon, it caters to a much more wide area than would be possible if it was merely a compact lake.

Habitation in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary was done by acquiring three private estates (53.8 ha) during 1982. Besides, natural regeneration in grasslands can be promoted due to effective fire protection measures. Planting of unusual species, eucalyptus in Periyar Tiger Reserve has been stopped and step kicked off to change the present 55 sq. km. eucalyptus area into natural forest. Water sources have been developed sensibly.

Fifty newly recruited Forest Guards were posted after giving one-month training in Wildlife Management in the Reserve some time ago.

Through awareness/eco-development approach local people have been concerned in watching, information sharing and arrest of criminals indulging in illegal actions.

Ten Wireless Stations are being maintained to keep the surveillance.

About sixty watchers are involved to make up the dearth of regular protection staff.

Frequent camping and combing operations with sufficient staff and watchers are being executed.

Inspection Path Maintenance, vista-line clearance and roadside clearance and inter-state boundary clearance are being done for strengthening the tour.

Rain coats, gum boots and hunter shoes were given to the field staff.

One can enjoy a morning boat ride for elephant tracking and bird watching. One can also indulge in wildlife photography over here. The visit to the Periyar National Park lasts for about three hours. You can also opt for taking up a forest trail and explore the Periyar park surroundings or bird-watch. There is also afternoon boat ride for wildlife viewing. Overnight staying at the resort in the jungle adds a new charm to the tour.