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Chandaka Elephant Reserve

The Chandaka Elephant Reserve is positioned in the city of Bhubaneshwar in the state of Orissa. The wildlife found to inhabit the Chandaka Elephant Reserve are the Elephants, the Sambar, the Bears, the Wild Dogs, the Pythons, the Pea Fowls and many more. The Chandaka Forest is unique in its kind and is extremely dense and captivating. The Chandaka Forest is the perfect place for the activities of eco-tourism.

The elephants in the Chandaka Elephant Reserve, Orissa in general, venture out during the night. For this reason, the Forest Department of the Chandaka Forest has constructed one of the watch towers close to the water-holes, to enable the tourists to spend a long evening within the elephant reserve, to get a glimpse of the majestic animal. The gripping experience of watching this huge animal from the watch tower is definitely going to be a memorable one.

The Chandaka Elephant Reserve is the home to these majestic and massive mammals, and can be seen quite frequently during the trip to this reserve park. The elephants in the Chandaka Elephant Reserve in Orissa are completely wild and on certain occasions might turn out to be very dangerous.

Apart from the most interesting animals in this park, the elephants, there are other interesting animals as well, like the Bear, the Chital, the Sambar, the Pea-Fowl and many more who roam about inside the wildlife park, without being disturbed.