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Kokkrebellur Reserve Forest Karnataka

In a small hamlet rich in sugarcane plantation in the Mandya district, the Kokkrebellur village awaits eagerly for the arrival of the feathered friends. If you are planning your itinerary for your tour in Karnataka during the months of October and November you will come across flocks of migratory birds settling down in Kokkrebellur Reserve Forest for a winter vacation.

While making your way through the reserve you will be thrilled to catch the painted stocks and pelicans in a raucous cacophony. You would be amused to watch the frail but loud fledglings atop the pepal and tamarind trees announcing their arrival to the reserve and basking under the sun. Spot billed pelicans and the storks build their nests in the trees lined up along the Kokkrebellur Reserve Forest and rear their young ones till the month of April until they turn homewards with their young ones.

With the arrival of the winged friends resplendent with their plumage the Kokkrebellur village is revitalized with a new burst of energy. The large shady Portia trees become home to the flocks of birds especially during the month of February when the population peaks.

About 80 kms from Bangalore and 40kms from Mandya you will enjoy your ride to the Kokkrebellur Reserve Forest. Ideal reserve for bird watchers you can capture any momentous spectacle in your camera to revel at them back home.