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Nehru Zoological Park

Spanning the sprawling greens of 300 acres, the Nehru Zoological Park is an inevitable part of nature tourists' itinerary. This zoo has the distinction of being the biggest zoo in the country. Nature lovers are sure to have a field's day, watching more than 250 types of animals and birds at this place. Most of these fauna stay under conditions almost similar to that of their natural habitats. This zoo is also the foremost ones to create moated areas for animals. The Natural History Museum, Lion Safari Park and Children's Train are some of the added attractions of this park.

Air travelers can use the Hyderabad International Airport for coming here. Tourists coming by train may use either Hyderabad or Secunderabad Rail Stations. In fact, Hyderabad is well linked to all main cities of India, thanks to its headquarter status of South Central Railways. Tourists taking the road to Nehru Zoological Park would also reach here easily as the place is quite well connected to all the key cities in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa and Maharastra.

You can also indulge your lavish time among the amiable creatures kept at Nandan Kanan Zoo. Tiger and Lion Safari constitutes an important aspect of the Jungle visit at Nandan Kanan, in which you can also come across the famous Reptile Park, Nocturnal Animal House and Aerial Ropeway. All these places enhancing the beauty of nature belong to the large family of Nandan Kanan National Park, for which beauty is the keyword.

The Nehru Zoological Park, Andhra Pradesh has bred some noteworthy indigenous and exotic fauna like the Asiatic Lion, Indian Rhino, Tiger, Giraffe, Panther, Gaur, some Antelopes and Deer. In fact, animals bred here have been given to different sanctuaries and Deer parks for restoring their dwindling population.

At this park, the chimpanzee, in the large open enclosure, brought from Central Africa will enthrall you for sure. To give it company, there are the colourful Mandrills, Sacreds, Orangutans, Chacmas, Sykes and Moustache Guneons, Yellow and Olive Baboons (housed in open islands), DeBrazza, Manga Monkeys and Vervet-- all from Africa. South America also finds representation at this place by means of Capuchin and Squirrel monkeys. Indian primates, which you can view at this park consists of the Bonnet, Rhesus, Capped Nilgiri, Golden and Common Langurs, Liontailed, Stumptailed and Pig tailed monkeys.

Some other animals which you can find here are African and Indian Lions, Tigers, Panthers, Wolves, Jackals, Hyena, Foxes, Ratel, Elephants, Great Indian Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Zebras, American Bisons, Nilgai Black Buck, Barking Deer, Chinkara, to name a few from an exhaustive list.

So, book your place for a tour to Nehru Zoological Park today. You would certainly be captivated by this park.