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Resorts Near Periyar

Location: Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated in: Kerala

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A lover of wildlife cannot stop himself from going to Periyar Wild life Sanctuary and while visiting Periyar, he can also witness the numerous places of attraction near Periyar. Ranging from the tranquil backwaters to the Indian Elephants at Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary, the blissful experience of witnessing the wild animals in their natural habitat is often a dream for many. Come and share your dreams and hopes with the cascading falls, soothing greenery and magnificent wildlife at the Periyar Sanctuary.

Privileges available at the Resorts near Periyar

The Resorts near Periyar WildLife Sanctuary offers comfortable accommodation and mouthwatering delicacies to the visitors. They are kept scrupulously clean for the visitor's usage. There is always an attached bath with 24 hours hot and cold water service. The balcony provides a splendid view of the picture perfect locale outside. Periyar is the best place where you can spend a weekend or a holiday in seclusion away from the hullabaloo of city life.

Come and savor the delicious delicacies at these resorts; local delicacies are often cooked with lot of spices, curry leaves being common in each and every dish. Curry leaves are said to be very healthy, enhancing your digestion. Apart from these, other Indian dishes are also available, which include Dehradun Rice of North India mixed with ghee and salt, a perfect diet for a vegetarian. Tibetan and Thai food is also available. The latter is said to prolong youth and so, is a favorite among men. Chinese Food constitutes the rest of the menu; people prefer it when nothing else suits them.