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Birds in Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is indeed an ornithologist's paradise. The avian population of the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is quite rich. There are several kinds of Birds in the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary.

In the late summers or in the monsoon season, a visit to the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary will enable you to behold in front of your eyes the Peacock exhibiting all its colorful and decorated feathers.

You might be among the lucky few who will get the chance to see the reputed shimmering dance of the peacocks. What more can one ask for but this splendid view of the National Bird of India displaying its beautiful feathers.

The Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is the home to the largest number of Peafowl that can be found in India.

The other kinds of birds that can be seen in the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary are the Crested Serpent Eagles, Sand Grouse, Golden Backed Woodpeckers, Quail, White Breasted Kingfishers, Grey Partridges, Great Indian Horned Owls, Tree Pies, Vultures, Red Jungle Fowl, Parakeets, Sunbirds, Drongos, Spur Fowl.

There is a castle which dates back to the 17th century on a hill top in Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. What can be a very memorable experience if you have been to this castle located within the premises of the sanctuary is the great view that it offers of the vultures and eagles soaring high and aiming for the sky.

Do not miss out on the various kinds of Birds in Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. There are indeed very beautiful to watch.

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