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Climate in Sariska National Park

Month Best Time Climate Min. Temp (°C) Max. Temp (°C)
January 8 21
February 11 25
March 16 31
April   21 38
May   27 43
June   28 42
July   28 38
August   27 37
September   25 36
October 20 35
November 14 29
December 9 23

The Climate in Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is not very definite and is liable to sudden unpredictable change.

This is particularly applicable for the monsoons. Erratic is the right word to describe the monsoons. The Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary receives varying quantity of rainfall. At no point of time does it receive very heavy rainfall. However the rainfall is generally sufficient to give the forests a lush green look. The arid landscape of the summer months is converted to a more luxuriant foliage. At times even this amount of rainfall is not received. It is rather scanty.

The summers at the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary are very hot. The months of April, May and June has an average temperature of 38.4 degree centigrade. There are times when the temperatures touch a high of about 49 degrees. However for those who are willing to tolerate the scorching heat of the sun this is the best time to view animals.

The summers are followed by the monsoons. But the temperatures do not witness a very steady decline. The fall is not more than a few degrees. This is primarily because of the reason that here is not sufficient rainfall to reduce the temperatures.

We can consider the Climate of Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary as extreme. The Winter Season is chilly and stretches from October to March. The average temperature of these months is around 15 degree. At times the temperature even falls to four degrees.

Therefore it is always recommended that the travelers carry light cotton clothes during the summer months and warm woolen clothes for the winters keeping in mind the Climate in Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary.

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