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How to Reach Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary

If you cherish the desire of visiting the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary  then you need to be assured that it is not at all difficult to visit this park. It is very much accessible from several prime cities  in the country.  You can reach Sariska National Park by air, rail or road.

By Air

The Jaipur Airport which is about 110 km away is the nearest airport.

By Rail

Alwar Railway Station is the nearest Railway Station. As Alwar is well connected by rail reaching the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is no problem at all.

By Road

If you are considering on How to Reach the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary without taking resort to the railways then it is also possible to Reach the park through roadways. It takes three hours or so from Delhi if one drives following the Daruhera-Alwar-Sariska route. The distance is just about 200 km. If one is traveling following the main Jaipur Highway, then it takes slightly more time because the distance which has then to be covered is about 240 km.

The Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is well located being in excellent proximity to some of the major cities in the country. It is fairly close to Delhi the country capital and Jaipur, the state capital. However the nearest main town is Alwar. This town is located at a distance of about 36 km from the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. The park is also fairly well connected to the other surrounding towns.

So avail of either the roadways or the railways or the airways to easily visit the forests and its interesting wild life without worrying on How to Reach the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary.

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