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Happenings in Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary

When we discuss about the Happenings in Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary what first comes to mind is its shocking exclusion from the list of nine reserves which were chosen for tiger Conservation. It was not among the fortunate nine wildlife reserves which were chosen in 1973 under the Project Tiger. This neglect did not do well for the sanctuary. Eventually in the year 1979, the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary was incorporated under the Project Tiger though by that time considerable damage had already been done.

However this inclusion has helped tremendously in conservation of the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. Although there is a lot that still needs to be done, it cannot be denied that important critical issues like poaching, traffic, indiscriminate cutting of trees to use the land for human settlement and agriculture have been seriously addressed.

One of the greatest challenges that face the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is achieving ecological balance. Since there are 16 village settlements within the sanctuary and resources are being used by them there is a definite threat to biodiversity. Recent measures have been taken to enlighten these people. In fact efforts are also being taken to relocate the Gujjar community residing within the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary in the interest of Tiger Conservation. The government is trying to rehabilitate them elsewhere.

Of all the Happenings in the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the most unfortunate one is the epidemic that broke out resulting in the death of a large number of Sambhar. This sudden reduction in the number of Sambhars affected the tigers as well because the Sambhar is their main prey.

Several films have also been shot that unfolds in front of your eyes the way of living of the wild animals in the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. All the sights that have been shot are not pleasant for a wild boar is shown eating a younger wild boar.

However there is no reason for you to feel so disappointed for there are certain other impressive sights as well. A grey Partridge is shown calling and digging. The tree pie is shown picking ticks from the face of the wild boar and thereby displaying the relationship between two different species of organisms in nature that are interdependent on each other and each gains benefit from the other.

These various Happenings at the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary point out that the fate of the sanctuary has experienced many a twist and turn.

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