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Conservation History of Satpura

Madhya Pradesh is the state of varieties. On one side there is the rich example of civilization like Kajuraho and other temples and on the other side there is the raw innocent nature where civilization has failed to intrude. The lush green dense forest. The high peaks, the clear sky and the tranquil nature and the dangerous animals create a wonderful ambience.

Conservation History

The national park was established in the year 1981 and acquires an area of 524 Sqkms in the total area. The forest bears the plantations of Sal, teak, bamboo and mahogany are the main evergreen plantations that give the forest a different look and adds life to the forest. There are various Conservation History of Satpura National Park made for the wild animals and plants. Authority has taken measures to stop hunting or causing any harm to the animals, birds and reptiles. On the other hand deforestation has been stopped completely and so that more migratory birds and other domestic birds can com and built the nest.