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Conservation in Silent Valley National Park

"Over the mountains

Of the moon,

Down the valley of the shadow,

Ride, boldly ride,"

The shade replied,-

'If you seek for Eldorado'!"

Your El Dorado may be the Silent Valley in Kerala, because it has all the elements of an exquisite tour. Wild animals in their natural habitat reside there. These wild animals were on the verge of extinction when the Government finally shouldered the responsibility to conserve these unique and amazing assets of the jungles so that the ecological balance is maintained.

The History of Conservation in the Silent Valley National Park dates back to the time when the renowned Ecologist Satish Chandra Nair, presented his heartfelt view on the rainforests, after a thorough research. Since the Kunthi River originates in the Silent Valley Rainforest, it is felt that the river should also be protected from being utilized otherwise like Hydel Power and construction of Dam.

This river originating in the Nilgiri Hills is the life of the Silent Valley Rainforest, because all along the year it provides water to sustain the Wild Lives. So, the project of building a dam was violently opposed and finally became successful, after the intervention of the Ecologists and Environmentalists.

Since the Lion Tailed Macaque is the mascot of the Silent Valley National Park, there had been a ling debate over the issue of saving the same from being perished permanently. The ensuing debate was "Man or Monkey, Which is more important?"

Again there has been a debate on the issue of the area of the National Park. The present 89 sq km is the official area, but previously there had been a contest on the matter of conservation. Since, if the area decreases the animals will also suffer from the lack of space and would not find a proper breeding ground. So, they would definitely feel the trauma of being confined and also feel a constant threat from the poachers.

Conservation was also required to protect the rich biodiversity from the endemics that spreads rapidly and destroys the wild life and natural vegetation drastically. The catastrophe of spontaneous destruction needed to be checked and so, Conservation of Silent Valley was felt to be mandatory.