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Flora in Silent Valley National Park

A delicate and unique preserve of tropical evergreen forests, lying just above the equatorial region is spread across an area of 90 kms. It has a rare reserve of plants and herbs along with a rich wildlife. The flora in Silent Valley National Park is unique as it is the last remaining tract of tropical evergreen forests. Since a large part of the Silent Valley National park remains a bit inaccessible, the flora in Silent Valley is still retained in much of its original form and new species of plants are discovered.

The Flora in Silent Valley National Park

The Silent Valley National park is the last remaining bit of tropical evergreen forests left and thus the flora in Silent Valley has a special significance. There are four distinct kinds of vegetation in Silent Valley National park, rich in bio diversity. There is the rain forests which are mainly the tropical evergreen forest tract. The common kinds of flora here are teak, rosewood, amla, bamboo and semal. Then there are the tropical hill forests, the temperate forest and the grasslands.