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Happenings in Silent Valley National Park

The Silent Valley National Park, nestled in the Kundali hills in Kerala is the last residual bit of virgin tropical evergreen forests in India. The rich bio diversity, the unique species of wildlife, the hills and the lush hues of green all make Silent Valley National park the most sought after wildlife destination in Kerala. The happenings in Silent Valley National Park till date deserves special mention as wildlife enthusiasts fought to preserve this last remaining bit of rich evergreen forests.

The Happenings in Silent Valley National Park

During the 1970's,The Silent valley National park became the center of one of the strongest environmental debate in India. A decision was taken by the Kerala State Electricity Board to construct a Hydel Power Project in the Silent Valley National Park and build a dam across River Kunti. But there were widespread protests by the environmentalists and conservationists whose efforts and continuous remonstration led to Silent valley being labeled as a National park in the year 1984.