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The Bagh Resort

Location: Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Situated in: Rajasthan

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The 200 years old heritage hotel Bagh Resort is located on 12 acres of Orcahrd farm in Bharatpur in the state of Rajasthan. The hotel is located only 4 hours from other places of tourist interests like Jaipur and Delhi.

The Bagh Resort is a boutique resort which is meters away from the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. The hotel is located near the numerous principal tourist destinations, thereby, giving the guests to explore them. For its outstanding accommodation options and extraordinary facilities, Bagh Resort is often dubbed as the 'garden of delights'.

The Bagh Resort houses three vintage cars that include 1918 Model of T Ford, 1946 Model of Chrysler Plymouth and 1938 Ten Series Model of III Morris. In addition, there are motorcycles of Triumph 1938. The architecture of the Bagh Resort demands attention. Intricate detailing of work by contemporary women of India is done throughout the entire complex.

Accommodation at the Bagh Resort

To begin with accommodation of the resort, the first mention must be the reception area of the hotel is named Mayur. The reception desk is always at the service of the guests.

The accommodation of the Bagh Resort comprise of mainly three residential complexes. While the first residential complex is named Champa, the second and third residential complexes are named Mograand and Gulab Bhvans respectively.

There are 23 rooms in the different residential complexes of the Bagh Resort. All the guest rooms of the resort are facilitated with modern amenities and services. Some of the common services prevalent in the rooms include attached bathrooms, mini bar and fridge, color television, phone, writing desk and the like. Spectacular furnishing, opulent fabrics and modern amenities of the rooms make the guest feel like at home.

Dining at the Bagh Resort

There is one restaurant and two bars in the Bagh Resort. The restaurant of the resort, known as Gulmohar, mainly specializes in serving Satvik vegetarian dishes as well as mouthwatering delicacies of the Braj region. The restaurant also serves various other lip-smacking dishes.

While one is an indoor bar named, Morchalli, the outdoor bar is named Mahua. Morchalli serves both Indian and foreign liquor. On the other hand, the outdoor bar or Mahua has specialized in serving alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages. Both the bars serve light snacks. Musical performance is presented in Mahua.

There is a cafe in the resort located in the reception where guests can choose from light meals, tea, snacks and coffee.

Recreational facilities at the Bagh Resort

The Bagh Resort comes with ample of recreational facilities. There is a gym, a swimming pool, spa located in the resort. The recreational center of the resort is named 'Sheesham' that has facilities for Jacuzzi, ayurvedic messages and sauna bath other than having a gym, spa and swimming pool. The lush green lawn of the resort is ideal for a leisurely walk.

There is a library, Semal, tucked in the resort which is filled with books of different genres. There is a gift or souvenir shop that deals with arts and crafts items. Apart from there, the Bagh Resort is known to organize live performance as well as festivals for the entertainment of the audience.

Excursions from the Bagh Resort

A paradise for avian life, Keoladeo Ghana National Park of Bharatpur is visited by bird lovers from different parts of India and the world. It is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Covering 29 kilometer square, this park is house to some 375 species of birds and 50 species of mammals. Out of the 375 species of birds, 132 species breed in the sanctuary. Birds from India, Siberia, Europe, Tibet and China find shelter in Keoladeo Ghana National Park. A shooting reserve of ducks during the time of British India, it became a bird reserve in the year 1956.

Bharatpur is well connected with railways, roadways and airways. Delhi is the nearest airport which is located 180 km from Bharatpur. Bharatpur lies on Delhi-Bombay railway, which connects the place with Sawai, Mathura, Kota and Madhopur. The improved roadways connect Bharatpur with Mathura, Agra, Jaipur and Delhi.

Guests can go excursions to nearby places like the Old Fort, Hindu Temples and Musuem, the Keoladeo 'Ghana' National Park, Bund Baretta Sanctuary, Govardhan, Brindavan and different archaeological sites like Sonkh, Noh and Rupwas.