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Vallanadu Black Buck Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Tamil Nadu

Main Wildlife Attractions: Blackbuck Antelope, Spotted deer, macaques, Jungle cat, Monkeys, Peacock, Heron, Stork, Grey partridges

Coverage Area: 16.41 sq.kms

Best Time to Visit:Throughout the year

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The wildlife sanctuary covers about 16.41 square kilometers of area. The sanctuary is located in the Thoothukudi district of Tamil Nadu.

The reserve sanctuary is the called the scrub forest. This sanctuary is the home of various wild animals and birds. The forest with its wild beauty attracts thousands of tourists every year. The thrill and the enjoyment of the forest can be experienced in this sanctuary.

The trees are not allowed to grow tall as it is easier for the blackbucks to reach the shrubs. Both evergreen and deciduous trees can be found in this sanctuary. Due to drought like conditions and excessive heat plat growth is stunted here. The waxy leaves of the plants help to retain moisture in the plants.

Due to expansion of human civilization, the wildlife and specially the existence of the wild antelopes, especially the Antelope cervicapra which is also known as the 'black buck', have become endangered. This made the establishment of the sanctuary to protect these creatures from becoming extinct.

Suitable atmosphere is provided to these antelopes so that they can grow and regenerate. Apart from black bucks there are other animals that are taken care off. There are jungle cats, mongooses, spotted deer, wild hares and tourists can find various birds coloring the tree tops and filling the ambience with their lively chirpings.

In the winter, migratory birds from the northern countries come and make the atmosphere lively. There are various farms that bear separate identities like the 'peacock farm'. The peacock farm is the best place where tourists can enjoy the sight of peacocks dancing. There are other species of birds that are kept in their natural habitats.

Tourists can avail the road route as the jeep and the rented cars are the best options to reach the sanctuary.