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Flora in Van Vihar National Park

The Van Vihar National park is an exclusive Zoological park that attained the National park status in the year 1983. The van Vihar National park has a wide variety of different trees and vegetation. There are tall trees, climbers and creepers and parasites as well as grasslands.

The flora in Van Vihar national park includes trees, creepers and grasslands. The major trees that are found in van Vihar national park are Teak, Kardhai, Salai, Palas, Tendu and Gurajan.The Grasses include Rusa, Dub, Kush, Kusai, Chhir and Kanas. Other varieties of grass like Lapusari, Phulera and Bhanjura are also found.

Creepers in Van Vihar National Park are Gomachi,harjudi. Karech, Bangoon Creeper and Malkangni.Parasitic plants like Amarbel and Bandha are also found.