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Van Vihar Conservation History

The Van Vihar National Park in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh was declared a National Park in the year 1983 . The area where the National park now flourishes had once been barren. There is an interesting method of conservation of Van Vihar National park that is followed. Conservation history of Van Vihar National Park makes it clear that no animals in the Van Vihar National park were captured from the forests and brought here. The animals are either the orphaned ones brought from all parts of Madhya Pradesh, or animals exchanged with other zoos.

The Conservation History of Van Vihar National Park

Conservation of Van Vihar National park follows certain guidelines. The Van Vihar National Park aims to protect and conserve the wild animals in their natural habitation. The environment is made to look innate. It breeds wild animals and released the bred animals into the wild. To initiate more conservation, the Van Vihar National Park aimed to make people aware of the need for wildlife conservation and to develop a sympathetic feeling among the visitors for the wild animals. The History of Conservation of Van Vihar national park also stated that there were attempts and encouragement to provide scientific studies on wildlife conservation. Trenches are built to protect the animals from the poachers.