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Birds in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

The colorful creatures always add color to their surroundings. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is no exception. The numerous species, 350 approximately) add a new dimension to the environment of the forest. The twittering and chirping of these creatures form the mysterious backdrop of the woods. Ornithologists find the Wayanad forest an excellent place for factual findings on birds.

Usually Peacock babblers are the most common species spotted around. However, the reserve preserves a large peacock family. In addition, the cuckoos, owls, woodpeckers, and jungle fowl are adding more color and variety to its collection of avian species. These are just a few among the massive count of 350 species.

In addition, some migratory birds migrate during the breeding season, thus adding to the ever-growing number of birds in the forests.

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