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Flora in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is nestled in hilly terrain and forests, sheltering numerous species of birds and animals. It is also the habitat for a wide range of vegetation and trees, comprising the total flora of the forest.

The word means Wayanad, 'land of swamps', as the forest is covered with thick vegetation, including swamps. The forest is dominated by the South Indian moist deciduous type of tree. Some parts of the forest also have patches of west coast semi-evergreen forest. A considerable percentage of the forest, around 110 sq km, has a dense covering of teak, eucalyptus, and grevelia trees, adding more greenery to the forest.

The trees in this moist deciduous forest are Maruthi, karimaruthi, rosewood, venteak, vengal, chadachi, mazhukanjiram, bamboo, and many more. In addition, the semi-evergreen patches of the forest trees like vateria indica, Lagerstroemia, Lanceolata, Terminalia paniculata are commonly found.

The forest indeed reserves the best of the flora for us to enjoy. Many scientists have made this reserved sanctuary their home for their research work.

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